azores roadtrip 2018

February 8, 2018

For this trip we collaborated with the Swiss travel agency Globetrotter Travel Service. They suggested the Azores as possible destination. After some research this turned out to be a great choice and we started preparing the trip with their help. Using Google Earth, Flickr and a lot of Google searches we filled our map with interesting places with a lot of potential.

We started the trip in early spring and flew to Sao Miguel which is the most populated island in the Azores. Of course we had to rent a car, because otherwise you won‘t really get around there. We stayed in a little hostel out in the countryside. That was basically the only time we could relax on this trip. After checking out a lot of places on the island including an abandoned hotel and the volcano craters we took the plane to  Flores an island even further out in the Atlantic. After a cancelled flight the stormy weather finally cleaned up the next day and as soon as we arrived we started exploring with our new rental car. This island is really wild with it‘s huge cliffs and rough jungle with huge waterfalls. Because of our delayed arrival we had to pack a lot in our day which led us with little time at the house we rented. With it‘s lovely view and magical location that was quite bummer. But with only six travel days you can’t have it all.

The last destination was an Island called Pico. There we had a house at the coast which gave us a perfect base to explore the island. We got lucky very quickly and got to see the active volcano without clouds at the second day. Finally we took the Ferry over to the Faial Island. The westside of this island has been drastically affected by a volcano eruption. Being there your feel like on another planet.

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azores roadtrip 2018

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